Mary Jane Allen - manifest your life dreamWhen we have problems in our lives it can be very stressful, but I want you to know that no matter what your life challenges look like, they are never your fault.
We all absorb programming and misbeliefs from our families (even the most well-meaning families), our community and culture and the media and these experiences end up causing us to make decisions through a kind of filter of misperceptions, so none of what you are feeling in terms of your pain around money, relationships, career or health has anything to do with it being your fault. There are other reasons that you are experiencing pain in your life and I can help you.
The good news is that your worries are easier to sort out and solve than you would think. There are so many people trying to “help and heal” those who are looking for answers and more prosperity and joy in life but the truth is many of them, despite good intentions, are working on the surface of the problem, but when we want to make BIG changes in life, like manifesting prosperity or moving into your life purpose, we really need healing at a very deep level.

What I want you to know is you don’t need to live with money worries or feel unfulfilled in life or disconnected to the people in your life or disconnected to Source/the Universe. I am here to help you align with your Soul’s purpose and to help you heal your divine connect to Source so that you can live the limitless, joyful, prosperous live a prosperous life you are meant to experience!

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