Mary Jane Allen - manifest your life dreamWhen we have money problems in our lives it can be very stressful, but I want you to know that no matter what your money problems look like, they are never your fault.

Why?  We all absorb programming and misbeliefs and Soul level wounding just from living life here on earth and these experiences end up causing us to make decisions through a kind of filter of misperceptions, so none of what you are feeling in terms of your pain around money has anything to do with it being your fault. There are other reasons that you are experiencing pain around your money and finances and I can help you.

The good news is that your money and financial worries are easier to sort out and solve than you would think.

There are so many people trying to “help and heal” those who are looking for answers and more prosperity in life but the truth is many of them, despite good intentions, are working on the surface of the problem, but when we want to make BIG changes in life, like manifesting prosperity or moving into your life purpose, many of us really need healing at a very deep level.

What I want you to know is you don’t need to live with the pain of money worries.

Many people would like to change their lives but simply don’t have the tools to do so. This is where I come in. I am a Transformation Specialist, an Innovator and Visionary in the field of Financial and Energetic healing.  In my work, I heal people of many kinds of wounding at the deepest level of healing that is available to us while we are in a human body and I accomplish this work by utilizing the Akashic Records.

When we heal our blocks around our money and finances our lives change. We receive more business, consistently, we receive more and better opportunities, and attract more money into our lives. Then we begin expecting more money and prosperity and that causes our money and finances to fully bloom. We fully open our money channel, allowing the Universe to provide for us. It’s a really exciting time and for some of us it happens easily after one healing/clearing session, for others it takes a bit more work.

My name is Mary Jane Allen and as a Financial Healer and Radio Show Host, my absolute reason for being is to heal and help my clients, people just like you, transform their lives from lack and pain and struggle to lives full of prosperity, joy, and fulfillment. This work is who I am at the very deepest level and I’m here to help you. This is a really safe place where deep and profound healing takes place every day.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an enormous energetic data base which contains the record or “file” of every person who has ever been born. In each file there is a record of everything that has happened to that person, through all of their lifetimes.  It’s also known as the Hall of Records or the Mind of God.

How Does The Healing Work?

When I work with someone, they tell me what area(s) of their life is a challenge to them and I go into their Akashic Record and find out the information regarding that issue including when and why it started and why it has continued. I then HEAL that issue at it’s true source.  The clients who have this healing with me experience any of the following and much more.

  1. Clarity about their Life Purpose and the ability to move into doing the work that brings them joy, prosperity and fulfillment.
  2. Significant increases in income/business
  3. Better opportunities in life in unexpected ways
  4. Peace of mind because of feeling much happier, lighter, less stressed, more at peace
  5. The ability to pay off long standing debts
  6. The ability to easily manifest what they truly want in life


Client Experiences

I recently completed Mary Jane’s Life Purpose Revealed Program and what an amazing experience it was. I believe our lives are a personal journey and everything we do is additive to everything we have done. The Life Purpose Revealed Program was definitely a missing piece to the puzzle of my life and answered questions that up to then I was not able to find anywhere else. I’ve completed other great programs over the years, and all have enhanced my life in some way, however, the Life Purpose Revealed Program is different. There is a sense of ‘knowing’ that has come from my work with Mary Jane that quite honestly I know I would never have discovered through any of the other programs. Mary Jane takes you on a journey that is unique to you and will help reveal the “why” of your life, your behaviors, your successes and fears so you can deal with whatever is incomplete and take off with a new start to life. If you experience what I did, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can trust yourself and be free of all past programming, never again to be stopped without knowing the “why”. I am so very grateful for the guidance Mary Jane provided me and now am moving forward with the next part of my personal journey meant to be. If you have any unanswered questions, I recommend you explore what’s possible for you through The Life Purpose Revealed Program today. Don’t wait, act now.

T Nicolle, Chartered Accountant, Chief Financial Officer

Montreal, Quebec


I have found working with Mary Jane in the Life Purpose Revealed Program to be invaluable and life changing. 

I have spent many years exploring ways to move in the direction of my life path, using various independent modalities such as LMP, Hypnosis, astrology, physic readings, and a variety of energy healing practices.  All have helped tremendously in their own way, but there has always been something incomplete /missing.  I have felt like I was up against a wall – blocked from moving forward like I know I should be doing something else, living a different type of life.  I was blocked from understanding my true life path, and how to start the process of getting on that path. 
Through my work with Mary Jane, I now know my path and purpose, and what a freeing and exciting place to finally be!! I trust the work we have done to be true, and Mary Jane was able to explain in simple and easy to understand terms – the very complex nature of the situations that created my blocks. 
She has helped guide me so I now know the steps I need to take to move ahead on my own –  and take life forward into an exciting future. Knowing my path means I don’t have to wonder any longer, and I can take the action steps to make the changes needed, so I can create the live that I know is mine.
I highly recommend Mary Jane’s services to anyone who feels stuck, with the knowing that life can be more, or that you are living life “in the box”.  We all should be in an expansive place, producing the work or creating the future we know to be ours but feel we cannot due our societal programming.  Mary Jane helps you overcome this programming and opens your awareness to options that you may not have seen previously.
Mary Jane is caring, attentive and makes you feel like working with you is the most important thing in the world. She is focused and intent on ensuring you get the information you need to feel confident to take on the next steps.  
I hope you enjoy and appreciate your next adventures once you take the steps to engage with her services!
Thank you so much!
Kristy Kriner
Seattle, Washington


Here’s an interesting example of how only 1 Reading/Healing Session with me changed my client John’s Sciutto’s life.

John is a healer and came to me early in 2013 telling me that he was not getting the volume of business he wanted in his coaching business. I completed a Reading/Healing Session for John and found that he had a number of misbeliefs and illusions that he had taken on earlier that were playing in his subconscious mind and I healed them at their source. 

This was his experience:

MJ, many positive changes started happening after I had that session with you. One of the biggest changes was that I started channeling not my usual guide (Da’i) but a “bigger” collection of consciousnesses that call themselves “The Higher Guides”. Da’i had told me that the switch was coming, but it still took me by surprise. As you know, I had grown up in a culture of “hard work is real work” but my business is going extremely well and even increasing month by month. I am working fully in my life purpose since my connection to “The Higher Guides” and this work brings me incredible joy, is so easy for me and with my business doing so well I now KNOW it is possible to make the living I want to as a Spiritual Channel and Coach! Thank you SO much!

John Sciutto, Argentina – http://www.lovingmanifestation.com/



If you’d like to hear me speaking about my work and how I can help you, I’m a regular guest on the Dr. Pat Show on Transformation Talk Radio in Seattle or http://transformationtalkradio.com. As well, I’m super excited that I’m going to be starting my own weekly radio show on TTR in the spring of 2014! Here’s a link to my first show as a guest on the Dr. Pat Show.


Isn’t it time to create some wonderful changes in your own life? 

We are all meant to live a prosperous, joyful life. That’s the absolute truth.  I can help you achieve your goals and dreams and it often happens much more quickly than you would imagine!  Visit the Money Love Program page and schedule a complimentary 30 minute call with me. That way I can find out about your needs and dreams and you can hear from me the specifics of how I work and how I can support you to make your dreams and goals a reality!