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Are you ready to put the self-help books aside for a bit and do some deep inner work? Work that puts you in charge of your thoughts and emotions and enables you to feel a profound connection with your Soul? Do you want to know your purpose and step fully into it to do the work you came here to do? If so, then this is your time to shine!

Are you ready to put a jet engine behind the Law of Attraction teachings by aligning your Soul with Divine Abundance? Very often when people have challenges around manifesting their desires it’s because they have Soul level blocks to Divine Abundance and the way to release these blocks is by having the blocks energetically cleared from your Akashic Record.

Numerology tells us that 2015 is a year of infinity, so for those who want to feel more in control of life, and are ready to align with the abundance you want in your life, this is a great year to make these changes and achieve your goals and dreams. I’m Mary Jane Allen and I’m here to  support you and it is my deep honor and pleasure to do so.

In my work, I have the ability to see the true causes of what is holding you back from what you want to achieve in your life, no matter what the reason or when it took place. I have access to all of it in your Soul Record. Therefore, there is nothing that cannot be changed or altered, if you desire, so that you can change the path you are currently on and achieve your goals.

I’ve been trained in various forms of energetic healing and to read the Akashic Records and I am always learning new methods of energy healing because I want the absolute best results for you. As a healer, my joy is to see you succeed so learning is a constant in my life.

Can you relate to the following?

  • You’re tired of repeating the same patterns in life and find you can’t change them no matter what you do.
  • You have studied the Law of Attraction extensively, tried to reprogram your mind through affirmations and other techniques only to find you revert back to your old habits very quickly.
  • You feel a sense of lack and find yourself always wanting or craving something.
  • You want what others have and find it hard to focus on and remain grateful for what you do have.

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Sending you love,
Mary Jane