Mary Jane Allen - http://manifestyourlifedream.comDo you ever feel like you’re living a life you didn’t sign up for? You don’t have a good relationship with money and no matter how you try to change this, nothing really helps. Are you stuck in a rut in life or your business?

I’m Mary Jane Allen and I’m a Money Maven and Alchemist. I help women to heal the wounding that has kept them from having a peaceful and loving relationship with money and themselves. I help you change your fears about money into a love relationship with your money and with yourself. This allows money to flow to you with ease, as it is meant to. Energetically, you become a magnet for money and you see that your relationships change for the better too. Doesn’t that sound so much easier?

Your life is meant to be enjoyed. Are you ready to step into your personal power and enjoy a life of freedom, allowing you to craft the life you truly want for yourself? 

If you’re ready to live a life with more freedom and far less worry, set up a Discovery Call.


  • During the call:
  • We’ll uncover some of the misbeliefs you have around money and you’ll see that many of these beliefs did not even originate with you.

  • You’ll see how energetically you can move from where you are now so that you can change the way you see and feel and truly become comfortable with money so that it come to you easily and stays. And you can spend your money with joy, confidently knowing there is always more coming to you.

  • I’ll show you how to get off the treadmill and start making positive changes quickly to get yourself moving toward freedom in your life, the freedom that comes with healing your inner dialogue about your money and yourself.


  • You’ll leave the call feeling:
  • CLEAR and INSPIRED knowing the unlimited resources of the universe are for you and NO, you are not meant to ever live in lack.
  • EMPOWERED, knowing that YOU have the ability to change absolutely everything that is currently a strain or worry in your life.


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