Mary Jane Allen - http://manifestyourlifedream.comDo you ever feel like you’re living a life you didn’t sign up for? You’ve never had a good relationship with money or your finances and no matter how you try to change this, nothing really helps.

It’s true that when have incorrect beliefs about the truth of what money actually is and where it comes from and how we can bring it into our lives, we will have many challenges around our money. I know because I struggled for years around money. Not making enough, always worrying about paying the bills, never being able to hold on to it, always worrying where it as going to come from and if I would have enough to do what I needed to. Resenting others because I could never do the things I wanted to do because I didn’t have enough money.  

The problems were never with the money, they were with my beliefs about money. Once I learned how to release incorrect beliefs and take off my blinders and see what money actually is and what it truly means in life, my life began to change.

My own journey may resonate with you because it has included:


  • healing my strong inner-critic 
  • clearing money blocks from various sources so that I felt worthy of allowing more money into my life
  • realizing that many of the misbeliefs and energy blocks I had around money had not originated with me!
  • getting clear that I needed support to be at ease with money so that I could be confident and know I would be prosperous because I finally was able to see money and it’s enter
  • getting clear on who I actually am the deepest level so that I can be more relaxed and more confident within myself and more empowered and successful in my purpose-centered business.

I empower women and some men to help you to heal the wounding that has kept you from truly loving your relationship with your money. An improved and clear, open relationship with your money leads you to become at ease with money and that leads you to prosperity.  

When we have fears and habits around money that are not serving you or your money, money stays away from you or you have difficulty holding on to your money and spending our money is often stressful instead of fun. This is what I help you to achieve.

We were all born to be abundant, to have freedom in life and to experience life how we want to, and that requires money. What keeps us from abundance is the fears and messaging from earlier in life that we hold inside and accept as beliefs when in fact they are simply things we have heard from others, and we took on as beliefs. A belief is simply a statement we have heard repeatedly. Just because we have heard it repeatedly, does not make it true!

Your life is meant to be enjoyed! Are you ready to step into your personal power and embrace the freedom you know you are meant to have in your life and in your business?

If so, set up a Discovery Call with me below.

  • During the call:
  • We’ll uncover some of the misbeliefs you have around money and you’ll see that many of these beliefs did not even originate with you. We’ll talk about how to clear them away.
  • You’ll see how energetically we’ll be moving you from where you are now so that you can change the way you see and feel and truly become comfortable with money so that it come to you easily and stays and you can spend it with joy knowing there is always more coming to you.
  • How to get off the treadmill and start making positive changes to change how you see your money today.


  • You’ll leave the call feeling:
  • CLEAR and INSPIRED knowing the unlimited resources of the universe are for you and NO, you are not meant to ever live in lack!
  • EMPOWERED, knowing that YOU have the ability to change absolutely everything that is currently a strain or worry in your life!
  • EXCITED, looking forward to doing fulfilling Soul-centered work, having peaceful relationships with loved ones and with yourself coupled with the relief of understanding how you will have more prosperity and the ability to finally relax and enjoy peace of mind know you never have to worry about money.


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