5 Steps to Getting Money Flowing Freely Into Your Life

5 Steps to Getting Money Flowing Freely Into Your Life - http://manifestyourlifedream.comWhen money is scarce, we’re living with debt or we feel like we have to put our dreams on hold until we can afford to go on vacation or buy that new car these are 5 steps that will help you see your money differently, feel less stressed about it and help you welcome more money into your own life.

1. You’ve got to look your money in the eye. Open your bills, check your bank statements and really see where your money is going each month. Get really familiar with every area of your finances from investments to credit card statements. If you’re nervous to do this it’s for sure that this is an energetic block you’ve formed from past experiences which is absolutely keeping prosperity at bay. Your relationship with money is like any relationship in your life so it needs fostering and attention. Money does not like to be ignored and when we do ignore it, it always stays away!

2. Know that the true source of the money in your life is not your job, business, or clients. The amount of money you have in the bank is directly related to how comfortable you are with prosperity. Money comes from the Universe, God Source Energy, and the amount you receive is all about how much you trust that the supply of money and prosperity is TRULY endless.

3. Change the ways you interact with your money. Do you pay your bills on time? Do you feel you’re being overcharged for services and resent paying for them? If this is how you feel about your bills, reframe your thinking around paying them by realizing that paying your bills is simply an exchange for services. You want the services, you appreciate the services, so you are grateful to have the money to pay for them. Appreciate that you can pay for what you want and really enjoy the items/services your money is buying for you.

4. How do you feel about wealthy people and people who have something you want but feel you can’t afford? Do you feel resentful or envious? If you do feel this way about wealthy people, you’re telling the Universe that you don’t approve of money because when we envy wealthy people we are often telling ourselves a story about what’s wrong with these people to justify the feelings we’re having. Are you blaming people for being wealthy? Are you saying “rich people are snobs” or “rich people are mean” or “rich people are stingy”? If you’re feeling envy toward the wealthy you believe that you can’t have what they have and this is a lie. You have the absolute same ability to create the life you want for yourself  just as they did.

Reframe your feelings of envy this way: Wealthy people are just people the same as anyone else with the same challenges in life as others have except they have more money. They either inherited the money from a relative who did the initial work and had the drive to find what they were good at or invested in the education or put in the effort to use their gifts in the world to become prosperous and can now enjoy the rewards. The point is, someone had the drive to do what it takes to be prosperous. You have your own abilities to accomplish these same goals – there is no question about it!

5. Clear out the incorrect beliefs that you heard about money as you were growing up. What did you hear? Did you hear your parents say that “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “money is scarce”, “life is hard”, “do you think I’m made of money”, “you have to work hard for money”?  If these were your parents or community’s beliefs, simply know they are illusions. Money is energy like you are energy, both you and money come from Spirit/the Universe and Spirit is infinite, consequently you are infinite, with infinite abilities to create the life you truly want to live. Money is also infinite – there is literally an infinite supply.

The next time you are meditating, envision yourself walking down a long country road, beautiful flowers all around you, sun in the sky, nature at it’s best and see yourself arriving at a doorway. The door is covered with sparkling diamonds that are shining and sparkling brightly in the sun. You open the door and see a vast meadow, and the meadow contains massive piles of gold for as far as you can see, it literally goes on forever. You can even see a mountain range in the distance and you can see an enormous amounts of gold going up the mountain and over the top. You then help yourself to as much gold as you want and can carry home and know that you can go back to this place as often as you want to and with whatever you want to use to take the gold home. Will you bring a big sturdy bag the next time? Maybe bring your car the next time? It’s up to you.

Are you ready to heal your relationship with money and clear out all the beliefs that are holding you back from truly believing the truth about money? Ready to finally be prosperous and be able to do what you want without feeling like you “shouldn’t spend the money” or “I can’t afford that now”?  If so, visit the Money Love Program to get to your goals, feel financially prosperous and know that money will never be a worry for you again!

The Money Love Program is a 1 on 1 program so it’s all about you and your money story, so you get much bigger results than with a group program. This program contains a great deal of energetic clearing of beliefs that no longer serve you and many other tools which allow you to face your money and get to know yourself at the deepest level so that you can let whatever amount of prosperity you REALLY want into your experience. During this program you’ll also learn how to safely and comfortably GROW your money so when you’re working, your money is also working smartly for you.





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