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I’m Mary Jane Allen and I help women transition from 9 – 5 jobs in the corporate world to thriving in their own Soul-centered successful businesses. I call myself a Magical Money Maven and Alchemist and I utilize powerful energetic tools to release you from misbeliefs and energetic burdens that have kept you stuck in work that is not your passion. In reality it takes a lot more than coaching to accomplish big goals in life. It takes energetic healing too. After all, when we have big fears, talking about them does not make them go away and stay away. Big fears need energetic healing and I add Angelic Magick to remove your fears and blockages so you can actually take the steps you need to in the physical world without feeling like you’re wearing cement shoes.

I help high achieving women transform their fears around money and self-love, with ease and empowerment.  Many times women who have worked in the corporate world have a fear of not being able to support themselves in business when they leave their job. This is because of the beliefs they adopted earlier in life and even ancestral beliefs that came from past generations.

We’ve all heard that money is energy. In some ways money is no different than a bag of carrots or the clothes you’re wearing. However, the difference between how we feel about money and carrots lies in the beliefs we adopt around money. We need money to survive on this planet, so we are exposed to fear energy around money from early in life. We take on beliefs that come from others like “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “you have to work hard for money”, “you need to work long hours in a “job” to support yourself”. These are all misbeliefs that we that often come from those who raise us and are trying to protect us. However, these beliefs end up stopping us because they become implanted in our subconscious mind and make us believe we have limited choices in life.

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