Aligning with the Energy of Divine Abundance

Aligning with the Energy of Divine AbundanceWith our every thought we are creating our reality.

It can be a sobering thought for some, yet these days many people know this is a true statement. For the minority, the super high vibe people who have had a pretty easy life and few “wounds” to deal with they simply think their way to beautiful, joyful lives of fullfillment and prosperity. But the truth is that many of us choose to have experiences that leave us with “wounds” and although these wounds are so valuable in developing our Souls but they can also hold us back in various ways in life.

What do the rest of us do to reach our goals?

Well, removing soul level blocks for a clearer connection to Source Energy does enhance your ability to manifest abundance more easily on the physical plane, without question. Aligning with the energy of divine abundance improves your ability to give and receive universal resources so it’s a really important step in being able to manifest what you want in life.

The other important step is to follow through with inspired physical action steps. All manifestation takes physical action steps because we are on the physical plane living in physical bodies. It’s that simple. Your Soul has chosen to incarnate here on the earth plane to bring your desires into the physical so you can see why inspired action is important in manifestation of our dreams into this physical existence.

There is no question that the Soul level “wounds” or blocks that we all carry can cause our current life to be a struggle. If you have encountered difficulty after difficulty with manifesting what you desire, a root investigation into your Akashic records is advised. By removing blocks at the Akashic level, you will often find that the other mind programing techniques that you have not had success with previously, do start to work more effectively. The other reason that the clearing of Soul level blocks is so beneficial in helping with manifestation is because every time a block is cleared, your energetic vibration is raised, so the higher your vibration becomes the closer it becomes to matching your goals, thus making manifestation easier on another level.

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