Connect with your Joy this Thanksgiving

Connect with your Joy this Thanksgiving - Manifest your life dream

Ah, the holidays are here again…

For many people the holidays can be a time of stress and strain if we don’t take really good care of ourselves. I’m all about feeling good and making those people around me feel good so from my heart to yours here are my feel good suggestions for self care to ensure you have a festive and joyful holiday!

1. Cut down on the strain of shopping by making some of your gifts. If you’re artistic, or crafty or know someone who is and you can barter with them, handmade gifts are so special – they are from the heart. What could be better?

2. If you have a spouse of partner, plan together the gatherings you both want to go to. Make a pact that you’re not going anywhere you really don’t want to go. If you don’t want to go, listen to your heart. Why don’t you want to go? We can often times end up in a bad mood or feeling resentful if we feel trapped or forced into doing things or going places we don’t feel comfortable going. Be each others best advocate. It’s about being happy this Thanksgiving.

3. Keep up your regular exercise and mediation practices and make sure you get plenty of water.  I think daily meditation is essential, particularly during the holidays. It’s so important to help balance any extra stresses in your life.    This is a great mediation for  dopamine, seratonin and endorphin release – enjoy!

4. Be sure to connect with your favorite people as much as possible. If they’re away, call. That energetic connection is essential. I call my best friend “the voice of reason” and I connect with her as often as I can either in person, on the phone or skype.

5. As much as possible stick to healthy eating habits. Too many rich foods and too much alcohol can absolutely bring our moods down. Save the treats for parties.

6. Do things that you love to do. Make sure you get in plenty of your favorite sports, hobbies or whatever it is that makes your heart sing with the people you love to spend time with. This is a sure fire way to keep your energetic vibration high and your holiday season full of love.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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