What my grandfather taught me

key hole clearings - manifest your life dream2014 was a big year of growth for me in a lot of ways, not the least of which was in my work. I had been serving clients as a Financial Healer and Wealth Catalyst. I also had a radio show about this subject talking about the energetic blocks I saw and cleared for people around their money fears and childhood and past life programming. I enjoyed the work and enjoyed the feed back I got from people and I did some life purpose work as well which I found very satisfying but I knew that something was missing… I was beginning to feel like a fish out of water…

I went through a period of time when I was shown in Akashic Soul readings that I was to connect with deceased loved ones of several clients for various reasons. I was amazed the first time this happened because I didn’t even know it was possible for me to communicate with the dead!

These experiences led me to try to connect with my beloved paternal grandfather, “Poppy”, who died when I was 5. He was so important to me, I’ve thought of him very frequently throughout the years and missed him greatly so when I had this realization, I immediately went into the records and attempted to connect with his energy. Sure enough, it was really easy for me to “speak” to him and receive messages and even see him as I do my guides and many other things in the Soul records. I realized through many conversations that we have had that the way he lived his life – simply loving everyone, being kind and enjoying life despite hardships has made him a very ascended Soul and he is now a Guide for me.

In the fall, I began to get guidance from him around my work. He showed me that my work was meant to expand considerably to serve people in a much more inclusive way and that I would be receiving a new method of clearing with an additional step to further heal and empower my clients. Wow! I knew things were changing, but this was big!! Sure enough, near the beginning of 2015, I was shown my new method of clearing. It’s called Key Hole Clearing and as well as being an incredibly powerful method of clearing negative energy as the energy is drawn through a golden keyhole in the Akashic Records, I then request healing Golden energy to come back through the keyhole to fill in everywhere the negative energy was cleared, further empowering the client to create what they want.

So, I’m now healing people in all areas of life including relationship issues, losing excess weight,clearing people of energy that prevents them from feeling joy in life, releasing stress, releasing addictive behaviors, improving business and finances, helping people see and step into their purpose and more. It’s been a really exciting time for me as I step forward and serve humanity in a more expansive way. I love it. 🙂

Poppy being back in my life has also been about showing me how to love myself, unconditionally, as he has always done. It has been a profound lesson for me. Part of his life’s purpose was to ensure that I had a loving start in life. He certainly accomplished that and he told me recently that this was how he had always seen me, “fascinating, smart, a marvel, the sun, moon, and stars.” How could I not love myself when this is how he sees me? Having him back in my life has changed me in profound ways and I am incredibly thankful everyday that I have the ability to connect with him whenever I want to.

Sending you much love and so many blessings for a wonderful February!

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