Heal Compulsive Behaviors And Create The Prosperity You Deserve

Heal Compulsive Behaviors And Create Prosperity - manifest your life dreamAnytime we suffer with compulsive behaviors we are not able to live the full and prosperous life we want to live. Our compulsive or addictive behaviors keep us focused on the behavior and what we’re doing is numbing ourselves from seeing and living our full potential, including the prosperous and joyful life we are all meant to have.

When we live with compulsive behaviors they can encompass SO many “stall” tactics in our lives. Instead of being aware of our life purpose, we tend to hide behind the compulsive actions so that we don’t have to face and BE all that we are as a Soul. This behavior then blocks our prosperity because we are so disassociated from our true path in life.

There are many compulsive behaviors we engage in to soothe ourselves so that we don’t have to think about or feel the challenges in life. I’ve listed some of the more common compulsive behaviors below, but this is certainly not an exhaustive list. In reality anything that distracts us and is a behavior we engage in regularly is a compulsive behavior and they all keep us from living the life of joy, prosperity and freedom that is truly meant for us.

  • gambling regularly
  • eating to excess or regularly eating foods that are highly processed and full of sugar or fats
  • drinking alcohol to excess and regularly
  • trying to “control” your behavior and the behavior of those around you
  • controlling your weight with excessive exercise and extreme limitations of food intake
  • regularly and repeatedly viewing porn
  • gossiping or speaking unkindly about others in an effort to take the focus off your own pain
  • smoking cigarettes
  • improperly using prescription drugs and using illicit drugs
  • compulsive shopping – shopping to excess

There are many other examples of compulsive behaviors, but the point here is that all of these behaviors began and continue because we are trying not to be fully present in life. We’re using all of these behaviors as a “drug” to sedate ourselves from what is uncomfortable in our lives.

Sometimes people are not consciously aware of why they engage in these behaviors,in fact, I’ve often heard people say “I have an addictive personality” but the truth is, even if we seem prone to compulsive behaviors, there is a root cause to all of these behaviors.  The Akashic Records enables you to understand the cause and the issues surrounding the unwanted compulsion and have it healed at the source. Once you see the truth of any issue or problem in your life, at the level of your Soul,  you are able to see that the possibilities available to you in this life are endless.  You can see that you are, indeed, the creator of your own existence and that Akashic Records healing makes it much easier to create the life you truly want for yourself.

If you are truly ready to achieve a life of prosperity, free of your compulsive behaviors, visit the Money Love Program page and schedule a complimentary 30 minute “Get Unstuck” call to see if you are a good fit for this program and ready to work with me!





  1. Because it is so true I had to laugh when I read “When we live with compulsive behaviors they can encompass SO many “stall” tactics in our lives.” I used to smoke and have used other behaviors in order to avoid things and stall doing scary things. I know how true that statement is. Thanks for the article and giving me something to think about!


    • Hi Sean, I’m so glad you enjoyed the article! :) The truth is so most people have some kind of compulsive behavior that they use to “stall” or delay doing things they don’t want to do, particularly things that scare them. However, I think many people are unaware that the particular behavior is keeping them from prosperity.

      Blessings to you,
      MJ :)

  2. Loved your article! Found myself shaking my head in agreement and thinking about my own compulsive behavior. Yes, you are so on target about all of us having it and how important it is to recognize this behavior and do something about it! Thanks for the reminder…

    • Thank you so much, Joy! :) I think we all have some kind of compulsive behaviors and it is important to heal them so that we can fully enjoy life in every aspect.
      Blessings to you, MJ :)

  3. I am looking at this and thinking about resistance in general, which manifests in compulsive behaviours to avoid getting started on bigger projects. I’m aware of filling time with busy stuff, instead of sitting quietly and working on Self and other behaviours that are not helpful. I agree with MJ and am ready to go for the next step. I have my reading from MJ to go through and am grateful we are connected.

    • Hi Christine, I’m so glad you found the article and the reading helpful! Blessings to you as you take the next step in your journey! :)

  4. Hi MJ! I am very grateful for your post! I’ve been working on healing my compulsive behaviors that keep me from getting important things done. Your post brought my awareness back to this issue and made me really think again about how I’m overcoming it. I even wrote about on my blog http://www.naturalblackgirlguide.com :). Thanks!

  5. My pleasure, Leah! :) I’m so glad the post was helpful and I’m delighted it inspired you to write about it! :) I love you sites! I really enjoy seeing others living their purpose and reaching for their dreams! :)
    Love to you,

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