How Does Being Self Critical Affect Us?

How Does Being Self Critical Affect Us? - manifest your life dream


Self critical thinking affects many of us at some time or another in our lives. It can come from many sources, such as childhood experiences where we were subjected to criticism or inconsistent messages from parents or care givers, it come to us if we have not had the opportunity to be praised for our accomplishments in life and of course, and it can also come from what we think of as “failures” or difficult times we have had in life.

A little bit of self critical analysis, when we are conscious of our self critical thoughts can be beneficial because it can help us get to know ourselves by digging into our subconscious and examining what our self critical thoughts are really about and where they originated and this can enable us to heal energetic imbalances and negative beliefs.

However, self critical tendencies can become a huge problem for us if they turn into self critical obsessive thinking. When we have self critical thoughts playing in our subconscious mind much of the time and struggle against them and are unable to stop these thoughts we can become depressed, sad, angry and stuck in life. When these thoughts begin to control our activities and what we feel safe in doing in our lives and what we are able to accomplish in life it’s time to stop these painful thoughts because they are affecting our quality of life and they are hugely affecting the circumstances we manifest into our lives.

When we have obsessive critical thinking we often don’t believe that we are powerful creators and that we actually create new circumstances for ourselves in a higher dimension that’s simply waiting to come into the physical. Moreover, we often don’t feel we deserve to be living a life of prosperity and joy with the financial freedom of having no bills and the physical freedom of being able to live as we truly want to. All because of some programming we took on at an earlier time either in this life or a past life.

When we heal in the Akashic Records it is pretty common to find obsessive and addictive-type thinking such as self critical thinking. This kind of thinking limits us in pretty much every area of life so it’s really disempowering and whenever we are disempowered we don’t feel well.

What we have to do to get out of this cycle of self critical obsessive thinking is to BREAK the cycle. We know we don’t like the way this thinking makes us feel because it can be pretty miserable at times. Instead of letting it continue we have to realize that we absolutely deserve to be happy and prosperous and living our life “on purpose”.  This is what we all deserve, it is what is truly meant for us all and when we want to heal this pattern of obsessive thinking by actually getting help to heal this often painful thinking we make a big statement to the universe like”LOOK, I’m not just thinking or talking about moving forward and creating the life I want, I’m ACTUALLY DOING something about it!” Taking that first step causes the first shift in your energy to enable you to move toward your goals.

If you want more prosperity and joy in your life and to free yourself of your obsessive thoughts, look into the Money Love Program. It’s not just about money, it’s designed to heal the pain and discomfort in your life, including obsessive self critical thinking and any other addictive-type behaviors you’re living with as well. When we get to the root cause of what is causing your unwanted behaviors and heal the cause and what is supporting the behaviors, we energetically heal your thoughts and feelings around money and prosperity. Then,  you make room for true prosperity to come into your life and it happens much easier than you may think!







  1. I broke free of obsessive critical thinking by learning to listen to the evidence. My therapist pointed out once that I tend to always think about the negatives and that other people are saying pretty positive things about me. So I started to pay attention to what people said about me. They told me I was a great employee, a great facilitator, and I have an awesome sense of humor.

    It changed everything for me.

  2. That’s awesome, Sean! When we can shift our thinking and actually see that the negatives are not reality it can be the start of some helpful changes in thinking and belief systems. Hearing the truth and learning to believe it about ourselves is a place where we can truly start to make positive changes.

    I’m so glad things are better for you now. :)

    Blessings to you,
    MJ :)

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