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Invest in yourself - http://manifestyourlifedream.comI’m on the Dr. Pat Show on Thursday,  the 12th and I’m going to be talking about why entrepreneurs have  trouble investing in themselves in the form of mentoring, coaching, healing and why it’s so important to get past the fears and doubts to get the help you need. It’s true that all of the successful entrepreneurs I know have either a coach or a mentor or a healer of some kind or several who they work with on a regular basis.

We’ve all got amazing gifts but we can’t know it all. As an entrepreneur you’ve got to wear so many hats and in my own experience and the experience of my clients and other entrepreneurs I know, having some  good help makes all the difference. Basically, in many instances it’s the difference between success in business and making 6 figures or multiple 6 figures a year while working less than 20 hours a week and slaving away for 12 hours a day 7 days a week and barely being able to make the bills. It’s a harsh reality but unless and until we do decide to invest in ourselves and our businesses we’re not on a level playing field with our competitors who do get the help they need.

The world needs you and your gifts but to share your gifts with those who need them you’ve got to find your ideal clients and speak their language.

This is why I created my new program, the VIP Laser Focus Business Intensive.  It’s a 2 hour session, and with my training and skills I have the ability the very quickly laser in on the money leaks in your business. Then we go about closing those leaks with healing in your Akashic Record and you leave the session with concrete easy to implement changes to make in your business so you can quickly have more money in your bank account and be well on your way to working less and having more!

Visit the VIP Laser Focus Business Intensive program to find out more and book a 1/2 hour discovery call.


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