Is Depression Stopping You From Creating Your Ideal Life? – Part 1

Is Depression Stopping You From Creating Your Ideal Life? - Part 1 - manifestyourlifedream.comSometimes when we want a different life for ourselves and are working on manifesting our dreams and we’re being held back by something we can’t identify, we can feel depressed.  It’s not unusual. Most people feel down or “off” sometimes and when we do, it’s important to be kind to ourselves. Often, the reason we are feeling depressed is because we’re saying some pretty negative stuff to ourselves at the subconscious level.

Because our subconscious mind is like a dvd constantly playing the same messages again and again, when we get stuck on some negative statements we can get depressed because we keep hearing the bad statements over and over. We often tell ourselves things like “I’m not good enough to do that” or “I’m not smart enough”. We tell ourselves things that limit us and a belief is just a statement we say to ourselves over and over. So, when we are feeling depressed it can often be our self-limiting beliefs that are the cause.

The subconscious mind is active 90% of the time, the conscious mind only 10%. So, changing those limiting beliefs is really important to feeling better.

I’ve had people say to me that they were worrying about their manifestations coming to them because they had been feeling depressed. Essentially, they were afraid that the manifestations they had been working on would not come into the physical, or 3rd dimension because they knew their energetic vibration was lower because of feeling depressed. I could absolutely understand what they were feeling because I’ve had depression in my own life, but what I do know is that when we’re feeling depressed we need to focus on being good to ourselves so that our outlook improves and we can feel better as soon as possible.

Being depressed is miserable and this lifetime is not a dress rehearsal. I’m a firm believer in getting ourselves past the depressive situation or feelings as QUICKLY as possible and however it can most easily be accomplished so we can move on to better times and attract better circumstances. If we need to see a therapist or physician or start medication, we need to do that. Perhaps a vacation is just what we need or even a day away with a good friend to talk to will turn the negative mind-set around. Personally, I find hobbies great therapy if I’m not feeling the best. When you can combine your hobby with time spent with friends it’s like a double-dose of good medicine.  Keeping a gratitude journal is also a wonderful way to feel better because it makes us focus on the positive, wonderful things in our lives. We just need to do whatever we need to do to feel better as soon as possible. No one wants to be down in the dumps and it’s certainly not a place we can manifest abundance.

I like this quote from Thich Nhat Hanh because it points out that sometimes depressive feelings are the familiar and if we haven’t felt really good for a while we may not even realize that we have been feeling depressed because we can forget what it’s like to feel really good. “People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.” Sometimes feeling less than ideal can be the familiar and therefore easier to hold on to than moving ahead to better, happier times.  However, we all deserve the good times, happy times and to feel our best. It’s well worth doing whatever we need to to put ourselves in a better place emotionally, even if that better place can be unfamiliar.

In part 2 of this article I’ll talk about the energetic vibration scale and where various emotions are on that scale. As well, I’ll talk about where the MAJORITY of people hold their energetic vibration and some good ways to increase your feelings of well-being and your vibration.

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  1. What do you do to make yourself feel better when you are feel “off” or depressed?

  2. Michele Carter says:

    Hello Mary Jane,
    I have seen my physician and I am on antidepressants for now. I am also seeing a therapist to talk out the feelings that I have had from the past. Past circumstances were a large part of my depression as I lost all of my family now and I have had to learn to be strong and independent. When I feel really down I try to have a nice soak in a bubble bath and listen to soft music and go for walks in nature. That always lifts my spirits and there is nothing as beautiful as nature. I also spoil my cat and have fun playing with him. He is a huge joy in my life. I also work on my business and on really off days I give myself permission to take the odd day off and relax and do what lifts my spirits. We have to love ourselves first and then we can really work on our problems. This was very hard for me at first but now I truly love myself. How can I not. Mom and Dad and God made me and I dearly love them all.
    Michele 🙂

    • Hi Michele!

      It sounds like you have some really good coping mechanisms in place to help you feel better. Good for you. That is so important to getting you to a better place and a higher vibration. I think it’s so important to be good to ourselves when we are feeling “off” or depressed. Being kind to ourselves and doing things that make us feel better just speeds our recovery process along and that’s what we all deserve.I’m a huge proponent of having animal companions in our lives. They are such a joy and a privilege to have in our lives. My 4 cats are an absolutely essential part of my household.

      Learning to love ourselves is one of the most important steps to fully enjoying our lives. That’s excellent. I’m so glad for you that you have achieved that. Yes, for sure, that’s an excellent point – you know you need to love yourself because you have felt the love of your parents and God. What more reason do you need? Beautiful!

      Love and Blessings to you,
      Mary Jane 🙂

  3. My truth, is living in a state of mind of my choosing and I choose abundance, prosperity and well being for myself. In our infinite abilities (I believe we are an individuation of our SAME Creator(a apart of the whole must be of the same like and kind)), we lose our attention to conditions and circumstances. If we live in conditions and circumstances, we are living in the past because we are NOW observing our manifestations, whether good or bad. It is our obligation to humanity to start thinking correctly. Thinking correctly, to me, means living in a state of Certainty, servitude, gratitude and appreciation. Servitude encompasses serving Your creator (however you define), serving yourself by being your BEST SELF, and therefore you will be serving mankind. Law of Attraction will always give you what your Inner self radiates, which is always what you want at a subconscious level, regardless if the conscius mind agrees. If you are in disbelief of some of the things you manifest, you are in denial about deliberately creating your reality with 100 percent certainty. We are abundant beyond comprehension and are mostly in disbelief about that, so therefore, we attract what we radiate, hence all the lack and scarcity….Rob

    • Well said, Rob, and an excellent formula for successful co-creation with the Universe! 🙂
      As you say, I think that many are simply unable to see the abundance that is all around us. It is a choice, as is changing our thinking to the positive for our own well-being and for those around us.

      Thank you for your comments.

      Blessings to you,
      MJ 🙂

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