Do You Know What’s Keeping You From Prosperity and Joy?

Do You Know What's Keeping You From Prosperity and Joy? - manifest your life dream

In my practice, I find energetic blocks that are responsible for keeping people from living a prosperous life. For the majority of people it takes an energetic healer to identify and clear these blocks to enable you to experience prosperity in your life.

I have listed some of the most common blocks I identify in clients.  Some of them will resonate with you.  Are you ready to have your energetic blocks cleared so that you can live in prosperity?


  • fear of trusting others
  • fear of trusting yourself
  • fear of being attacked or targeted if you are prosperous
  • fear of losing what you have
  • fear of standing out or apart from others when you are prosperous
  • fear of not being accepted by others if you are prosperous
  • fear of having no friends because others won’t like you if you’re prosperous
  • dislike or envy or mistrust of wealthy people
  • fear of others hating you if you are prosperous
  • not feeling you are deserving of having truly having prosperity
  • not really believing you are capable of achieving/creating prosperity

These are some of the more common reasons I find in clients’ Akashic Records which are preventing them from living a prosperous life.  If you are not living in prosperity, some of these will sound familiar. To experience the prosperous, joyful life you really want and pay off all of your bills and bring in LOTS more money, these issues need to be energetically cleared in your Akashic Record.

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  1. Which of these energetic blockages resonate with you? Once you know that, you know what’s holding back your prosperity!

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