The Magic of Money Love

Money Love Program - manifestyourlifedream.comDo you have a long-standing rocky relationship with money?

The truth is that none of your money challenges are your fault and it’s really important to acknowledge that. Why?  Because you’ve been making decisions around your money and finances through illusions and misbeliefs that often come from other people. Many of your illusions and misperceptions are related to what you were taught in your formative years.

Do you see yourself in these statements?

  • You’re tired of putting off your dreams because you struggle to earn enough and keep enough money.
  • You avoid looking at your bank balance and feel afraid to open the bills.
  • You’re serious about making a certain income.
  • You love to spend money and feel like you can’t stop spending.
  • You’re afraid you won’t have enough money to support yourself as you age and stop working.

Are you ready to have a big shift in your relationship with money so you can feel much more at ease with money, have a lot more freedom in your life and earn money in ways you never thought about?

You healing your relationship with money has absolutely NOTHING to do with any kind of economic forecast or current economy. It’s all about you.  I help women heal the relationship they have with money and with themselves. As we do this, you find that the way you think about money, yourself and your relationships with others completely changes and you let go of most of the stress in your life.
The Magic of Money Love enables you to:

  • be at absolute ease when looking at your bank account, knowing that money is no longer a worry for you.
  • be joyful when you pay your bills knowing you have the money to pay them and the money is going to come back to you.
  • be confident as you bring lots more money into your life or business.
  • be free to travel and enjoy seeing your dreams become reality because you know the secrets of money and how to use it to your advantage.
  • be more confident around money because you know you deserve it, it can easily come to you and you can spend it and feel confident knowing more is always available.
  • no longer worry about having enough money for retirement or anything else because you know the universal secrets of money and now your money works for you.

The Money Love Program is a One-On-One journey we take together, lasting 4 months, utilizing your Akashic (Soul) Record and my training as a money mentor and my intuitive coaching skills. If you’ve enrolled in some of the big group programs with no success it’s because they don’t address individual’s issues and so the blocks you had to money are still with you. To heal your relationship with money, properly and profoundly, your very individual issues need to be addressed, that’s why I’ve developed The Magic of Money Love as a one-on-one program – it works!

The Magic of Money Love Program is structured as follows:

  • We begin with a 90 minute call during which I assess your needs and then I’ll do an Akashic Records Reading and Soul Healing Session and clear away as many of the energetic blocks that your body will allow in that session.
  • Each month, we will speak on the phone twice for 60 minutes each time. These calls will be a combination of Akashic Records Readings/Soul Healing, intuitive coaching and I’ll also be using some beautiful Magical workings with very specific, powerful Angels who help your process enormously because I know just how to ask for their assistance.
  • I’ll assign you specific physical action steps after each call to support you and speed up your progress as you heal your relationship with money.
  • You will have full e-mail access to me to answer any questions you have and help you with challenges as we move along.
  • I want to stress to you that this is a VERY safe place. There is no judgement here, ever. This program is here to heal your pain around money and help you feel better within yourself so that you no longer have to make excuses for not having what you want in your life.

I’m an innovator and transformation specialist. I help you make big and lasting changes in your relationship with money and finances by enabling you to healing the root causes of your money issues so that you can allow new, better circumstances into you life.
Are you ready to welcome prosperity into your life or want to find out more about this program?
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