The Prosperity Catalyst System

Transformational Mentoring SYSTEM For Spiritually Gifted Change Makers

Awaken Your Prosperity Genius And Blast Thru Your First/Next Authentic SIX Figures…THIS Year [and then guide your clients to do the same]

Step 1

  • Connect to the Akashic (Soul) Records to accurately identify your Soul Purpose and Gifts
  • I train you how to energetically connect to the Soul (Akashic) records so that you can accurately identify your sacred Soul Purpose and Soul Gifts so you know exactly how to deliver your purpose to the world. Once you have this information you will market yourself as the unique individual you are and this makes you stand apart from the crowd and attracts the clients who have been waiting to work with YOU!
  • Access Your Soul Agreement/Records And Reveal Your Prosperity Genius: Charge For What You And Only YOU Can Do
  • Easily Know for Certain that you have the correct information for yourself. This process removes any of the wishy-washiness that can exist when we do not have access to the deepest part of ouselves- our Soul Record which contains all of the information about us since our Soul first incarnated. This training takes all the stress away from you because all of the information is there waiting for you in your Akashic Record and you’ll love having the ability to find all of this incredibly powerful and important information about yourself so that you can refine the direction of your current business or start a business centred around your sacred purpose and Soul gifts.
  • Sneak peek into the future: get crystal clear clarity for yourself [and your clients] on your what your “next step to changing your destiny” is!
  • You’ll have access to anything you could ever want to know about yourself or your business so you have enormous flexibility in terms of creating  packages to suit your interests and your own business. You have the ability to access so much more information for yourself as you are ready to create programs or plan events or decide who you want to work with. Literally, there is no limit to what you can access and answer for yourself. 
  • What exactly should yours [or your clients] next step be ? Ask the 6 figure future YOU [no more guessing or painful course-correcting]….KNOW with laser like certainty.

Step 2

  • Access the BIG fears that Hold you back in life and CLEAR the FEARS Away for GOOD! It’s Decluttering at the Subconscious level!
  • Heal any underlying fears you have which have prevented you from seeing and moving fully into your purpose to this point. You’ll know you are not fully on purpose if you are not making the income you want to make and you can also say that you don’t have the enormous synchronicities that occur when we are on purpose and using our Soul gifts in our business.
  • Learn to DELETE the money discords and misbeliefs so that you can easily allow in the money to finance your Purposeful-Business.
  • Declutter Your Prosperity Channel: Dissolve Your Wealthkeeper Fears And Blast Thru Any Income Brick Wall Holding You Back
  • Imagine the benefits of being able to DELETE your big fears.
  • This is an energetic healing method that allows your biggest fears and challenges in life to be removed from your Soul record, so it’s enormously beneficial for you and makes your work SO much easier. Can you imagine the benefit of having your fears deleted so that they are gone for good?
  • For many people these big fears are the following or related issues: a fear of being highly visible in your purposeful business because you are fearful of what your family and friends will say. Sometimes our purpose is a significant departure from previous work we have done and we fear criticism.
  • Will my family approve of my choices?
    Will my friends still like me?
    Will my family and friends be envious when I begin to do well financially?
    I’m afraid of criticism – am I good enough to do this work?
  • Learn the HOW of how to press the DELETE button on your biggest, paralyzing wealthkeeper fears [there is nothing to “manage” or “get control” over]. Simply YOU fearless. Period.
  • Healing at the Soul Level Literally gives you a new outlook on life. You’ll also be able to accomplish many other energetic healing benefits     that you are not even aware you need and these energies have probably held you back for years without you even knowing it.

Step 3

  • Raising your energetic frequency is essential.
  • Significantly raise your vibrational frequency so that you become a magnet to better opportunities and higher vibrational people in your business and life
  • Raise your frequency so that your ideal clients can finally SEE you. Stop the “getting” madness and start BEING….make it effortless
  • Deep Soul-Level healing leads to superb results for you once you begin to use this system and in turn for your clients. With the ability to heal your clients’s fear you have the ability to support them in a greater way and at a much deeper level, allowing for superb results for you in your work and the incredible satisfaction of repeat business for you!
  • Become THAT mentor that transform lives and succeeds where NO one else does.Remove your misbeliefs around money  You will use the Soul Records to clear away any energies that have kept you  living with misbeliefs and old energies around money and being seen in your purpose in the world so that you are able to invite the money in to finance your purpose/business. This is the financial healing element of the program. Identify and eliminate whatever you find is holding you back from earning more money!
  • Delete the misbeliefs you have around money such as Fear of success. This is often related to feeling undeserving of wealth and prosperity and underlying energies.
  • Eliminate the energy of sabotage. This can be related to a fear of the responsibility related to having money and having to invest it and being fearful you won’t be able to keep the money you make if you get beyond a certain income level.
  • Eliminate any childhood programming that is keeping money out of your business and your life such as the myth that  “we have to work hard for money”
  • Delete any energies around beliefs about wealthy people such as “Rich people are mean or snobs”
  • Declutter your prosperity channel: find WHO is behind your “who am I” wealthkeeper voices tripping you up every step of the way

Step 4 

  • Clearly and Easily KNOW who your ideal clients are.
  • Have the ease of being able to use the Soul Records to find the people who have been waiting to work with you! This is such a time saver. No more throwing cooked spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. You’ll know for yourself who your ideal people are and where to find them.  It’s an incredible benefit to you and to be able to give your own clients this valuable information. I will support you as you delve into the Records to find any information you want to about your own business or ideal clients.
  • Attract ONLY The Clients Who Are BORN To Work With YOU…At ANY Fee [and then do the SAME for your awesome clients]
  • If you are a coach, mentor or healer, once you know who your ideal clients are, you can focus more on your marketing efforts because by now you’ll know what your gifts are so that you stand apart from the crowd and now you know who your best clients are.
  • If you need marketing coaching – it’s absolutely available. We customize this program to fit YOU and your business.
  • Have easy access to information about ideal venues, the best topics to use in your marketing copy.  If you are a mentor, coach or speaker, imagine how helpful it would be to know which venue is the best for you to work in.  It’s such a time saver.
  • Speak ONLY to the people who are looking for YOU… right now in the way they desperately want to be talked to [never worry about your Ideal client again…nor will your clients]
  • Activate energetic synergies to increase your income Knowing who you are meant to work with and where you are meant to work is a huge time saver and in turn creates synergies that expand your business and income exponentially because you are doing business as you are meant to and with whom you are meant to do business.
  • Activate your prosperity genius and start “working” from what ONLY you can do, without overwhelm or the “feeling like a fraud” monster
  • Develop your First/Next SIX Figures Sacred Map With Your Custom Divine Guidance….ANYTIME You Need It – seeing this on paper enables you to see your business as a magnet for ideal clients.
  • Refine your Process with my support and we continue to get all of your questions answered.
  • We’ll work closely refining your process and I’ll answer all your questions and support you until you are exactly where you need to be to be really ready to implement this system on any of your clients.
    When “life happens” you WILL stay on track. Receive the custom tailored for YOU Divine guidance…whenever you need it
  • Practice! It’s the best way to feel super confident about the process!
  • You’ll be given exercises to do in the Akashic Records and questions to answer to ensure you are confident and absolutely trusting of your results. Once you are, you will have the most powerful business-expanding tool you could ever imagine at your disposal.
  • Master the “Prosperity Catalyst” System on yourself and then FOR yourself, until you can do it with your eyes closed
  • Intuitive Art – it’s another awesome tool to connect you with who you truly are at the deepest level.  I’ll be teaching an intuitive art exercise which you will use in conjunction with your Akashic Records skills and this exercise will further empower you to create exactly what you want for yourself. 
  • Add another tool to your magic bag: leverage the power of intuitive art and help your clients to collect the shattered pieces of their Soul into an original MASTERPIECE..and watch miracles take place!

Step 5

  • Support in the Form of Extra Guidance Sessions
  • This system contains so much powerful, business and life-changing content, it’s essential that you have some concentrated practice using the Akashic Records with me as your guide and support as we come into the last phase of the program. It’s essential that you are completely confident with the process and this is the step that cements everything together! So we’ll have 2 – 30 minute sessions after the program is over to answer any questions you have and support you with any mindset shifts that you may need as you integrate all of the changes you are making.

What you receive in this program:

A VIP Day – you and me working in YOUR Akashic Record, clearing out blocks, deep wounds/misbeliefs, ancestral programming, anything that is not serving you to be your best self and succeed in business and live in joy and fulfillment. It’s a 4 hour session with 2 short breaks.

3 months of 1 on 1 teaching/coaching/healing as you learn the Prosperity Catalyst System and I support you the whole way. We have a 1 hour call twice a month, with homework to do between calls. If you need business coaching, it’s absolutely available and will be included in your homework. We customize this program to YOUR needs so you get the maximum out of it. It’s about YOU and your business.

You have full e-mail access to me during your program so that when a question arises, you know exactly how to get it answered!

Two – 30 minute post program extra guidance sessions – extra support in any area you need – Akashic Records questions, business coaching – I’m here for you and your questions so that you step fully into your power and greatness! 🙂

Working with me in this program is by application only. Please get in touch on the Contact Page to set up a 30 minute discovery call so we can see if we’re a good fit to work together at this time in your life. I look forward to hearing from you!