Releasing the shackles that bind you to the past

Releasing the shackles that bind you to the past- http://manifestyourlifedream.comWhen we experience traumas in life, no matter what it looks like or where the trauma comes from we take that on as  a wound in our Soul. That wound could be a belief that limits what we can accomplish in life because a hurt or traumatic event made us feel small and insignificant or powerless. Maybe someone in a position of authority or influence in your life said that they were disappointed in you when you were 16 or maybe your parents were stressed about finances as you were growing up and they argued about money constantly and you often heard limiting beliefs about money like “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “you have to work so hard for money”, “do you think I’m made of money?” and more.

Whatever emotional traumas we’ve experienced in the past, they stay with us and limit what we can accomplish in our lives until we release them through energetic healing. There is no need to live with the pain of limitation when we can work to heal these painful Soul level wounds. Helping others to do this is why I’m here, living my life now.

My job is to help others align with their Soul’s purpose and to heal the shackles that bind you to your past traumas. Once those shackles are gone you’ll see your life circumstances shifting around you. It’s what is meant for us all – we are all meant to live a beautiful, limitless life – the life you truly want and know deep down that you absolutely CAN have!

Are you ready to finally see some significant shifts in your life circumstances? What do you want to change?

Is it your relationship with money?  Do you want to allow more money into your life or business?

Do you want to align with your Soul’s Purpose?

Do you want to achieve “Guidance on Demand” with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self?

Do you want to finally lose the weight you’ve never been able to lose?

Do you want to release your limiting beliefs around relationships so that you can have a healthy loving partnership?

It’s up to you – ARE YOU READY?


There are ONLY 7 spaces left! For the first 7 clients who get in touch,  I am offering a VERY special price on an incredible opportunity to do some MAJOR clearing at the level of your Soul. This is the deepest healing we have available to us while in a human body.

You can purchase 3 – 1 hour Akashic Record Healing/Coaching sessions with me for 1/2 price AND there is even a 3 payment plan option, so this is extremely affordable for anyone. It is a really special opportunity for anyone who really wants big help.

Although the 3 programs are packaged as 3 unique and separate Mini Programs, you may simply buy a program and utilize the sessions to work on what best serves you. It is your choice because the time is yours.

Are you ready for some significant shifts in your life?









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