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Soul Purpose Lowdown - http://manifestyoulifedream.comOur Soul Purpose or Life Purpose is the work that our Soul means for us to accomplish in this lifetime so it’s big. This special and unique work combines your Soul’s gifts and talents and training that your Soul takes between lifetimes so the work is about you and your innate gifts at the deepest level, the level of your Soul.

Often times we end up working in fields that can be just slightly off our purpose while some of us find ourselves working in fields and jobs that are pretty far off purpose. I was in that second category.

I worked for more than 15 years in “office jobs” that were boring and unrewarding and never paid me very much. I felt stuck like I was on a hamster wheel literally going nowhere. But, I had always had a feeling deep inside that there was something I was supposed to be doing – something really different but I didn’t know what it was.

Right now, as the consciousness of the world is increasing more than ever people are being called to do their Soul’s work. It’s a really special time to be alive because the more people who more into their purposes the more incredible, beautiful, life and love giving work will be done to support the planet and it’s people.

Because you’ve connected with me here you are very likely one of these special Souls who deep down has a beautiful plan for your life, a plan to help and heal others and in doing so receive more joy and alignment with your truth than you can imagine. As I’m writing this note to you, I feel your energy and it’s the energy of excitement and of “becoming”. What could be more beautiful?

If you’re feeling stuck on the hamster wheel or stuck in the office building, not to worry, this is only meant to be a temporary condition for you. 🙂 Doesn’t that make it SO much easier to go to work tomorrow? I know it did for me when I first found out about my purpose. Just knowing that I didn’t have to do my old job for much longer made me practically skip into the office the next day! It was just that freeing!

So, I’m writing you this note with the intention of giving you what you need to decide that it’s time to look into the truth of who you are at your Soul level and to align with your truth. When you do decide you’re ready to embrace joy and fulfillment and be the full version of you, you’ll see it was the best decision you ever made.

If you’re ready to find your Soul Purpose visit the Life Purpose Revealed Program – all of the juicy details of the truth of your Soul are there.

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